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About Us

CUBE, a Center of Excellence being raised as a Society in IITM, is an Applied Research Center to address the practical challenges being faced by Urban Built Environment through development and deployment of innovative technology and policy based solutions in partnership with Academia, Government and Private Sector. Its mission is to innovate and translate academic research into actionable solutions. Its primary focus would be on Housing and Construction, Smart cities, Urban Planning & Transportation and Environmental Sustainability.


Our Focus Areas

Details on the key functions of CUBE with short descriptions and graphic representations.

Urban Planning & Transportation

Cities are Networks. The quality of life in a city depends upon the efficiency and efficacy of these networks which in turn are dependent on appropriate planning & policy interventions. This domain is undergoing a lot of development and innovation as there is a major thrust towards developing data and technology driven solutions.
The UPT Unit at CUBE is ideally poised to do so, with focus on the varied, multisectoral and multidimensional aspects of urban issues and transportation planning.

Buildings & Construction

Buildings & Construction are two major challenges of rapidly urbanizing India. Encouraging adoption of hybrid rapid construction technologies for mass housing, usage of latest construction & project management systems and exploiting rapid break throughs in latest construction materials that converge on sustainability are the focus of B&C Unit at CUBE.
The unit is ideally placed to promote and implement smart, affordable & sustainable solutions to deliver projects that work effectively & seamlessly.

Smart Cities

Cities today stand at a major paradigm shift. The challenge today is to incorporate the sociological, environmental and technological goals in to one comprehensive system. The city’s developmental goals therefore, must respond to not just the need of current society but also consider the future.
The SMART Unit focusses on all the three aspects in developing solutions that are holistic socio culturally, technologically and environmentally while employing design thinking to arrive at wholesome approach to urban development.

Environment & Sustainability

We live in an increasingly urbanized world. It is also common knowledge that human race has not been kind to the planet. As the world is gaining consciousness about the problems caused by human habitations, it is also looking up to mankind to resolve some of these problems. Urbanization is inevitable, but the challenge in the coming years is, to do so sensitively keeping sustainability at the core of all development.

The E&S Unit at CUBE is involved in such efforts with its excellent domain expertise and state of the art research & innovation laboratory.

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